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My Services

I am able to offer professional therapeutic and wellbeing support combined with professional practical support.

I work with my clients to provide the right balance of therapeutic and practical support with the aim of reducing feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed, increasing confidence, increasing wellbeing and promoting greater independence in the long term.  


Please do not hesitate to contact me (in confidence) if you would like to discuss how I can help you.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation.

What I Offer


Therapeutic & Wellbeing Support

People may often feel guilty or selfish for talking about themselves for any length of time. This can influence how much help they may ask for from friends and family. We are conditioned throughout our childhood and into adulthood, to observe good manners. For example:- taking turns in conversations, and not burdening others with our troubles- especially if they are issues that an outsider may consider trivial or minor. Of course, we must listen to our friends, mentors and colleagues, but sometimes we may need that opportunity to speak, in confidence, with no judgement, guilt or conditional interaction. I can offer, on a professional level, that safe and non-judgemental space so that you can speak openly and in confidence.




Many people, particularly those who may have anxieties, find attending appointments ( medical, interviews, business and social) can be a significant and frightening ordeal. Even a trip to the Café for a coffee could be daunting. I can accompany my clients to appointments and help with shopping and general errands so that they can work towards reducing anxiety, and build confidence and coping strategies that will enable them to achieve greater independence in the long term.


Organizational & Administrative Tasks

I can help people who are overwhelmed by administrative tasks, such as making applications, filling in forms, and scheduling events and appointments. No task is too trivial to request support for, and my help will reduce the anxiety that is associated with these tasks.



The Home

A disorganised home can impact on anxiety and may create a sense of being overwhelmed. Some people are happy to cope with clutter, but for many the cluttered home has negative emotional links that reduce or affect a sense of wellbeing. I can help clients in a very practical way by organising the home.

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