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"No matter what our background and situation, we may all need support at different times of our lives. Sometimes we need practical help and sometimes we need therapeutic help- but most often, we need both.

I have become increasingly aware of this in my professional role, and also through my personal life experiences. People need to be able to access a combination of both practical help and therapeutic help, offered professionally in an integrated supportive programme that is tailored to meet their needs and situation."


CEO, Grow Wellbeing Support

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About Me

I am a qualified Social Worker, Life Coach, NLP Practioner and a Professional Home Organiser and I am able to provide clients with a multi-aspect approach to their wellbeing.

This may be through supporting my clients in everyday tasks such as organising the home, offering a safe place to talk through emotions, feelings and anxieties, and providing support in times of need. I have 15 years’ experience working in a variety of sectors including statutory, clinical, private and charitable settings.

All of these roles have highlighted that people have a fundamental need for a secure space to talk and to be able to ask for, and access practical support when it is most needed.


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